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When shopping for a new bed, size matters. It’s important to consider several things when deciding which size is right for you. You’ll need to take into account the size of the bedroom, the height of the individual(s), and the number of people who will sleep in the bed. Check out the following information on this shop by size page to help you get the right fit, whether that’s a twin size bed or a California king.

Twin size beds – The dimensions of a twin size bed are 38” wide by 75” long. Also called a single, this is a perfect youth bed. It can also be used by adults with a smaller bedroom. Some twins are available extra-long, which adds five inches to the length.

Full size beds – This size, also called a double bed, measures in at 53” wide by 75” long. It is the same length as a twin but several inches wider, which makes it a better youth bed for pre-teens and teens. Some couples share a full bed, but the regular full will be most comfortable for individuals 65” or shorter.

Queen size beds – A queen sized bed will fit a mattress that is 60” wide by 80” long. Because it is five inches longer than fulls and twins, it is a good fit for a taller individual. It is also wide enough that many couples comfortably share a queen.

Eastern king size beds – This bed measures 76” wide by 80” long. It is also known as a standard king. At exactly twice the width of a twin bed, this is the most common bed for couples because it gives them plenty of room to themselves on each side.

California king size beds – At 72” wide by 84” long, this bed is slightly longer than an eastern standard king but also slightly thinner. This bed works great for taller couples who want a space to stretch out and get comfortable. This size works great in large master bedrooms, because it takes up a significant amount of space.

Once you know which size is right for you and your space, browse our wide selection. Choose from platform beds and bed frames in a variety of styles. Fine Furniture San Diego offers free local delivery, too.