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Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is a personal getaway from the rest of the house, so your bedroom furniture should reflect your unique style. FineFurnitureSanDiego, San Diego Furniture Store offers everything you need to furnish your bedroom just to your liking. We have affordable options in every category, from the essentials like beds and dressers to the extras like media chests and makeup vanities. Shop each category individually or browse our custom bedroom sets to find coordinating bedroom furniture.

Beds – The most important part of any bedroom is the bed. Not only is this where you’ll spend the majority of your time in your bedroom, it’s also where you’ll spend a third of the hours in the day (if you get the recommended eight hours of sleep). Choose from beds and daybeds in sizes ranging from twin to California king. We also offer separate headboards, mattresses, and pillows, so you can sleep in comfort as well as style in your San Diego home.

Nightstands – Having a nightstand next to your bed is useful for several reasons. It gives you a place for a clock, the book you’re currently reading, a beverage, and your glasses when you take them off at night. It also gives you a few extra drawers for storing miscellaneous items you may want within reach of your bed.

Dressers – No bedroom is complete without a place to store your folded clothes. Unless you plan to hang everything in the closet—including your socks—you’ll need a dresser. These short and wide furniture items typically come with a mirror attached so you can see your outfit when you get dressed in the morning.

Chests – This piece of bedroom furniture seems quite similar to a dresser, but it serves a different function. It is used primarily for general bedroom storage, rather than for clothing, and does not come with a mirror attached. Chests are also taller and thinner. Check out our blog for more on the difference between chests and dressers.

Makeup vanities – While this is not an essential piece of bedroom furniture for everyone, it is useful for anyone who wants a special place to do their hair or makeup. A makeup vanity provides a convenient storage place for items like brushes, jewelry, and perfumes. It also adds a touch of class to any bedroom.

Media chests – If you have a TV in your bedroom, you may need a media chest. This piece of furniture elevates your TV to the perfect height for watching from your bed. It also gives you a place to store your DVD/Blu-ray player, speaker system, and movie collection.