Difference of Buffets, Sideboard, and Credenzas

Over the years, the furniture market has expanded rapidly with trends, inspirations, and new technology. With the expansion comes new furniture styles and pieces, making shopping sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Take a look at dining room furniture, after you choose your table and chairs, there’s the choice between a buffet, a sideboard, or a credenza. Do these furniture have different purposes or do they function the same? What are the differences? In truth, these furniture staples are nearly identical, with small differences in the details. Today, let’s take a look at these classic dining pieces to help you figure out what best suits your home and lifestyle.

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Furniture Styles 101: The 2022 Guide

When shopping online for new furniture, the many styles and terms can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many similar terms, but they all mean different things! How do you know which style is right for your home and which matches your personal style? At FineFurnitureSanDiego.com, we love sharing our knowledge of furniture with our customers. We’re here to help you make the best shopping decisions, ready with pieces for every room in the home and amazing prices. Let’s explore some different furniture styles together!

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How Much Do Real Leather Couches Cost?

When purchasing a new couch or sofa set, you want it to last for years. Real leather couches are known to last much longer than their upholstered, or faux leather counterparts, but they’re also more expensive.

The Largo Full Grain Leather Power Reclining Sofa Set. Currently $4,024.90 as of 11/10/2021; prices subject to change without notice.

Before we begin, take a look at this article to learn about the different types of leather used in furniture. This will give you an idea of the different grades of leather and what to look for.

Now, let’s take a look at how much leather sofas can really cost.

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How To Measure 5 Common Types of Furniture

Have you ever started rearranging furniture, and oh no, the couch doesn’t fit where you wanted it to, or the dining table is too long for this side of the room? Measuring your furniture is one simple step that can save you a lot of headaches and frustration when moving, buying new pieces, or simply rearranging your furniture. It’s quick, easy, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Janeiro solid wood bed with storage drawers
The Janeiro solid wood bed with storage drawers

This guide will teach you how to measure furniture for moving, for delivery, to fit furniture down stairs, and much more. Remember, whenever measuring furniture or appliances, be sure to measure the furniture at it’s widest point and the door or stairs at their most narrow points for best results. When in doubt, take three separate measurements at different points and use the widest or narrowest measurements, respectively.

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7 Furniture Repair Shops in San Diego

Have you ever tried repairing a piece of furniture yourself? It doesn’t always turn out as planned. Finding a trustworthy San Diego furniture repair shop is one way to make your dollar stretch further. Repairing your furniture makes it last longer, saving it from the landfill, and you won’t need to buy anything new!

San Diego Furniture Repair
If you’re interested in furniture assembly, check out FineFurnitureSanDiego.com

Since we’re the furniture experts at FineFurnitureSanDiego.com, we’ve put together this list of our favorite repair shops in town to save you time and money. 

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Heirloom Furniture: What Is It and Where to Buy

Is there an item in your home that is considered a family heirloom? Maybe it’s grandma’s pearl necklace or a set of silver spoons. The word ‘heirloom” often conjures up this idea of antiquity and responsibility. Heirloom furniture, however is something that can be purchased brand new, with the idea that one day these stunning pieces can be passed down to children and grandchildren.

Think of heirloom furniture as family furniture; furniture that can used by generations of the same family.  Today, most American homes are furnished with a combination of inexpensive factory furniture, secondhand pieces from friends and family, and maybe a few inherited pieces. That’s ok!

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The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Table Dimensions

How many times do you put down your drink, TV remote, or phone on the coffee table just in one evening? The coffee table is one of the most used items in your living room. Since coffee tables are so useful in our day-to-day lives, it’s important to buy coffee tables that last and complement existing furniture.

Astrid Modern Gold Coffee Table

Have you ever bought a coffee table without measuring it for your furniture at home, only to realize it’s way too big? How do you even measure for a coffee table? Don’t worry; at FineFurnitureSanDiego.com, we’re the furniture experts with the answers.

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10 Furniture Upholstery Stores in San Diego

DIY projects around the house can be fun, educational, and rewarding. However, there are some projects, like refinishing heirloom furniture or restoring your favorite armchair that you want to leave to the professionals.  Give your home a fresh look without throwing out furniture by having your furniture professionally re-upholstered or restored. This prevents furniture from going to landfill, protecting our environment, and saving you money in the long run.

Vendome Cherry Dining Arm Chair
Vendome Cherry Dining Arm Chair

San Diego is full of talented craftspeople, offering a myriad of skills to restore your furniture to their original beauty and create new pieces for your home. As part of the San Diego community, Fine Furniture San Diego has put together this list of the best furniture upholstery shops in San Diego to help you find the shop that fits your needs.

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Are High End Appliances Worth the Money? Here’s How to Know

There are so many ways to upgrade and update your home, from paint to new furniture, but fancy appliances are on the top of many wish lists. The question is, are high end appliances actually worth the high end price tag? At Fine Furniture San Diego, we’re all about saving customers money with  high-quality, beautiful home furniture at amazing prices. Use this guide to help you decide where you want to splurge and where you want to save on your next appliance purchases. 

In most cases, what you’re paying for with high end appliances is three-fold. First, you’re paying for extra features. These additional features can be make a difference depending on your needs and how you use your appliances. Secondly, you’re paying for appearance and design. The higher the price-tag, the sleeker appliances tend to be. High end appliances are designed to seamlessly blend in with your home décor. The last thing you’re really paying for with high end appliances, is usually longer warranties. If you have to replace your washer three times in the same amount of time that you would have kept one high end washer, it would be less expensive in the long run to buy the pricier model. Service calls, part replacements, and repairs can add up quickly, so be sure to research what kind of warranties are offered on the appliances you’re looking at. 

High End Features of Home Appliances


Counter Depth Refrigerator
Photo courtesy Pixabay
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The Five Most Popular Beds Right Now

When shopping for a new bed, there are three important factors: style, quality, and cost.

 At FineFurnitureSanDiego.com, each of our furniture pieces is carefully vetted to fit these factors. We keep our prices affordable, while always offering the very best in quality and style. The bed is the central piece in your bedroom, so choosing a bed that fits your needs and personal style is key. We’ve put together this list of our current top-selling beds to give your bedroom an instant chic makeover.

1)Elkton Platform Bed

The Elkton collection is inspired by nature, to give your home a cozy, cabin feel with vintage oak finished panels. Built-in shelves in the headboard are perfect for storing your bedtime read, while drawers in the footboard house an extra blanket or two for chillier San Diego nights. The transitional style easily complements your current furniture, while accentuating contemporary rustic style.  The Elkton is available in Queen through California King. Complete your cozy bedroom with matching nightstands or dresser and chest.

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