8 Dashing Holiday Decorating Tips

Decorating for the holidays is a way to prepare your home for all of the guests, warm feelings, and activity of the holiday season. There is no limit to how festive your home should be—you’ll know when it’s perfect. Years of holiday memories and decorations can come together this year to create this year’s décor.

Utilizing things, you already own, is an exercise of creativity. Your home will be unlike anyone else’s, because it’s your touch that makes it special. Give your favorite holiday decorations with a refresh with these simple, but elegant decorating tips.

Gold Holiday Tree Ornaments

Photography by Marco Verch (CC)

Showcase Collections

Use décor and accessories that you already own to create a welcoming atmosphere. Your shell collection can become jar fillers, bauble ornaments can decorate more than the tree, and mismatched china is whimsical for holiday dining.

Display old family favorite decorations alongside modern pieces. Dress up found pieces, like antlers, old snowshoes or sleds with ribbon and greens. Give metal summer garden gear a winter makeover, with ornaments, winter greenery, and reindeer figurines.


Bring the great outdoors in with fresh, fragrant greenery. Use pine sprigs to decorate place settings or create centerpieces. Create a faux or fresh pine wreath, with baubles, and holly berries to welcome your guests. Drape pine garlands around doorframes, banisters, and rails for a bright, low maintenance look.

Add the holiday spirit to any and every room in your home, adding garlands to bookshelves, the clock, and outdoor chairs. With fresh greenery, be sure to follow florist instructions to keep greenery looking healthy and beautiful.


Pinecones are available for purchase at garden centers and look beautiful in holiday décor. Create a wreath or garland of pinecones, or with pinecone accents. Fill a decorative bowl with pinecones, or scatter them across the dining table. Accompanied by rustic style or woodland creatures, pinecones add coziness to a room. If you have a fireplace, toss pinecones around firewood pile.

Cheery Warmth

Brighten your home, during the early dark of winter, with glowing lights. Candles are an old-world symbol of hospitality and greeting. Battery powered tealights provide a safe way to get that candle glow. Place tiny fairy light inside glass jars for a bit of sparkle.

Hang string lights in your living room, near a stack of Christmas books and cozy throws for the perfect reading nook. Light a fire on chilly nights. Keep the glow without the extra heat with an electric fireplace with temperature control.


Celebrate the holidays with the traditional gift of fruits, specifically citrus fruits. Use faux fruits in wreaths and garlands. String unflavored popcorn and dried berries onto your tree for an old-fashioned decoration. Add fresh seasonal fruit to the dinner table, giving respite from decadent sweets and treats.

Create an easy centerpiece with candies and small oranges in a glass jar.  Fill your home with sweet and spicy scents with homemade clementine pomanders. Add citrus fruits and nuts to stockings or gifts, as a gesture of well-wishes for the new year.

Statement Color

Choose your color and weave through your entire home during the holidays. Use ornaments, linens, accessories, and place settings to create your color palette.  Coordinating accessories showcase your favorite color. Group monochromatic items together to make them stand out.

Ornament Gallery

For a chandelier effect, hang colorful baubles with a ribbon from the ceiling.

Display special or vintage ornaments on their own tree or in an unexpected location. Hang ornaments against a wall, using fishing line, at different heights to create a stunning ornament gallery display. Fill empty jars, bowls, and even cake stands with shiny baubles, bells, and holiday trinkets.


Soft textures like faux fur and velvet contrast beautifully with spry holiday greenery. Add throw blankets to guest rooms and living room, for extra coziness. A soft rug on cold floors is a welcome treat. Throw pillows with sequins, buttons, and other decoration adds visual and textural interest. Wooden toys pair well with seasonal stuffed toys for a classic Victorian look.

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