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Estelle Candle Holder Set


Estelle Candle Holder Set

This beautiful candle holder is finished in champagne silver and adorned with vining crackled glass.

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Candle Holder Sets

Candle holders may serve the practical purpose of catching candle wax, but they can really change a space from regular to spectacular. Romantic dinners, holidays, celebrations, and elegant parties all have something in common: candles and candle holders. Whether you want candles that bring Hollywood into your home, or your home into the holiday season, the right set of candle holders transform the space around them.

Candles increase the ambience of a bathroom, a sitting room, or a living room. Simplistic or intricate, metal or ceramic, candle holders fit into anyone’s style. Sweet smells of scented candles can give any room a pleasant vibe, but also require candle holders.

Candle holders add a rich presence in any room. Candle stick sets used at romantic dinners arouse the senses as the candles’ flickering, wild, and soothing light creates an unforgettable ambience. Thanksgiving dinners benefit from the cheery warmth of a well-placed candle holder set. The breath of the sweet candle wax melting thickens the air with pleasant aromas, shaping wonderful emotions and fond memories.

Caring for your candle stand set requires some consideration. The durability of candle holders depend on the materials used, their shapes, and where they will be stored. A tall glass candle stand set will be fragile, requiring special care and thoughtful handling. A shorter glass holder set will be a little more durable, but set away from possible dangers like the edges of tables or a crowded surface. Metal candle holders, short or thick, will be much more durable. Candle stand sets come in 2 or 3 piece sets. A 3 piece candle holder set will spread light around a larger room, or a beautiful triage when placed together.

All of our candle holder and candle stand sets are great additions to any room or special occasions needing a added touch. The candle holder sets we have available in our online catalogue fit any style you want and provide the ambience you need. We guarantee the best selection of affordable discounted candle holder sets in San Diego, remaining true to our goal of providing quality cheap furniture to satisfy our customers. Take advantage of free local delivery in San Diego area. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.