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Estelle Bowl W/Spheres


Estelle Bowl W/Spheres

This beautiful ornament is made up of a bowl and spheres all finished in champagne silver and adorned with vining crackled glass.

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Decorative Bowls

Decorative bowls serve as the centerpiece of your room’s ensemble and work as a team with other decorative items. Whether your goal is to show off a congregation of sea shells as a way to bring the ocean experience inside the home (without all of the sand), or simply to keep the bowl empty, the use of a decorative bowl amplifies the style of the room.

Some are made in a style much like you would find in the finest courts of Europe at their peak, showing off the beauty of Old World royalty on the West Coast, but adding in our characteristic beautiful weather. There are also bowl models with spheres included. These give them a fullness without reducing the visual appeal.

The presence of a decorative bowl will add more personality into your home décor. Wavy, colorful pieces give off a light sense of fluidity. More solid bowls give the space a bold character, without taking away any of the beauty that you want to show off by buying one. More classical models give you a more traditional, imperial flavor.

Going with the right color scheme will help you enhance the beauty by harmonizing your surroundings. Your guests will definitely appreciate the flavor the decorative bowl adds to a room. Dining and living rooms take on a completely different ambiance with its inclusion. Tea time with an ornate vessel is transformed into an occasion special enough for the greeting of a lord or lady. Chatting with friends seems more colorful and complete.

There are so many ways you can put a decorative bowl to use, but all of them seem perfect if they truly show off your personal style. Our catalogue features a fine selection of decorative bowls, offering you options to fit different color schemes, styles, and personalities. We keep our customers in mind, offering our bowls at discounted prices, all of which will provide you with the experience you can be truly happy with. We offer free local delivery in San Diego. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule a viewing.