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Youth Beds

Shopping for kids beds is one of the most important parts of furnishing your child’s bedroom. Growing kids need plenty of sleep and having a comfy place to lay down at night will help them get the rest they need. Whether your young one just outgrew their crib or is passing along her old big-girl bed to a younger sibling, we’ve got the selection of kids beds furniture in San Diego you’ve been looking for.

A popular option for kids beds is a theme bed. Transform your child’s bed into a race car, a fairy tale castle, a boat, a carriage, or more. The novelty of getting to crawl inside a spaceship every night will help get your restless little ones get excited about bedtime. For older kids or any kids wanting a more sophisticated look, check out our variety of kids platform beds. Choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and designs to find which of these kids beds best fits your child’s bedroom. We also offer kids platform beds with storage underneath, which can be a great spot to stow toys, spare linens, off-season clothes, or any number of other things.

If you are looking to save space, you should also consider kids loft beds. Elevating the mattress opens up plenty of space underneath the bed to put a work station, art table, or play area. This eliminates the need for the addition of a kids desk to your child’s bedroom. If your children share a bedroom, then one of your best options is to look at kids bunk beds. Give them more room to play by stacking their beds on top of each other. You can also use a kids trundle bed for the same purpose—taking up the space of one bed during the day, then rolling out the second at night. Even if your children won’t be sharing a room, investing in a kids bunk bed or trundle bed might be a good option. This automatically makes their room more sleepover friendly. No more sleeping bags on the floor when cousins or friends come to visit!