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Standing Adjustable Height Desks

Today, many of us spend most of our working hours on the computer, sitting, and in pain. The back and neck pain associated with sitting all day can often be alleviated with switching from a traditional desk to a standing desk. Ideal for the home or office, standing desks provide a simple solution to a major problem. Standing desks are also great for adding extra steps while taking phone calls or to aid in digestion after a large meal. Make the switch to a standing desk from finefurnituresandiego.com and you’ll have the best selection of our high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

Just like any other piece in your home, a standing desk is an opportunity to showcase your exceptional personal style. Our standing desks are chosen for their stunning designs and high-quality materials. Add an industrial flair to your home office with features like mixed woods and metals, visible hardware, and brushed accents. Keep it classic with a simple standing desk in a neutral tone and sleek design. If your workspace is small or changes frequently, a streamlined standing desk may just be the perfect desk for you. Locking casters on a standing desk allow easy transportation from room to room. Inspire creativity by choosing a desk with extra surface area for drawing, writing, or other projects. Place your standing desk near your favorite window for an inspirational view.

 Adjustable standing desks offer incredible versatility. Motorized standing desks allow you to change from seated work to standing with a touch of a button. Choose the height at which you would like to work on a desk with a simple lift mechanism. Many of our standing desks include USB and power outlets to charge all of your devices while you work. Eliminate end-of-the-day neck or back pain by taking a midday standing work break. You will love the newfound freedom that a standing desk brings.

Complete your home office with a new office chair or shelving. We also carry a wide selection of other desk styles. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer free shipping locally.