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Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Bringing good energy to your home begins with the people, but the pieces you surround yourself with can add joy to your life as well. Water fountains are a timeless indoor and outdoor decoration that can elevate the mood and help reduce stress. Adding a fountain to your home or business is more than an aesthetic choice.  Your home becomes your escape, when you create a space that you enjoy being in. We want to help you create that space. An indoor fountain can transform any space into something tranquil and beautiful. When decorating your home, you may find yourself looking for the  perfect finishing touch, like a statement piece. Let your good taste shine with an exquisite fountain. 

If you are looking for a true statement piece, our floor fountains are a wonderful option. We have floor fountains to suit every style, taste, and some even have fire features. Floor fountains look amazing as an indoor statement piece, or to add flair to a garden. If you like the idea of floor fountains, but do not have the floor space, we have an incredible selection of wall fountains. Wall fountains offer same beauty and tranquility as floor fountains, but take up less space. Along with our standard floor and wall fountains, we also offer beautiful tabletop fountains. 

We know that you are a conscious consumer, so our selection of fountain styles reflects that. We carry contemporary designs as well as classic mirrored designs, in various sizes and colors. Our selection is curated with our San Diego customers in mind.  Many of our floor and wall fountains have custom options.  Our lit fountains provide a warm, calming glow.  Our designs are crafted with high quality materials and made to last, with quiet, efficient operation in mind.

When shopping for a fountain, there are many options to consider, but shopping with finefurnituresandiego.com is the easiest choice. Local delivery is always free. If you would like a fountain assembled, we recommend our outstanding White Glove Delivery service.  Customer satisfaction is our pride. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us, here. Our local experts would love to hear from you.