5 Benefits of Owning a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers provide many benefits at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new mattress. The key benefits of a memory foam mattress topper are:

  • reduced pressure by contouring and memorizing the body’s natural shape
  • dissipates body heat and circulates positive airflow
  • absorbs movement and reduces motion transfer to your spouse
  • extends mattress life
  • unmatched affordability

So if you’re wondering if mattress toppers are worth it, continue to read on. But first…

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper or overlay is a layer of cushion between a mattress and any sheet above it. Typically made from memory foam or gel, mattress toppers are an excellent and inexpensive way for you to sleep more comfortably and safely each night.

Reduced Pressure & Body Contouring

One of the biggest health benefits of owning a mattress topper is that the cushion reduces pressure on any body part that’s being lied on. Memory foam in particular contours to the body, relieving pressure all over the head, shoulders, and back. Areas of pain will have a slightly higher temperature than other parts of the body. Memory foam detects these differences and applies or reduces pressure in these areas. The material makes it ideal so that you may dream comfortably in any position, regardless of the weight or shape you make while asleep.

Memory foam will also memorize your body shape, and will readjust each time you get off and back on so you can avoid any pain when you wake up. A mattress topper will give you the back support you’ve always needed while you sleep.

Heat Dissipation & Air Circulation

A common misconception is that mattress toppers overheat and make it very uncomfortable for anyone trying to sleep. However, new models of foam actually dissipate generated body heat and circulate airflow to keep you cool all night long. If your body temperature increases, the foam will become softer to ensure that you’re comfortable.

Not only will the mattress topper keep you cool at night, it will also prevent you from tossing and turning. On a typical mattress without any overlays, you’ll be consistently searching for the most comfortable position on the bed throughout your slumber. With a mattress topper, the search is over because you’ll always be in your most comfortable position.

Eliminate Motion Transfer

If you’re sleeping with a partner, mattress pads are ideal because memory foam absorbs movement so neither you nor your partner will be disturbed when you move around in your sleep.

Extended Mattress Life

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to fix an old mattress, mattress toppers are the most affordable solution. Worn out mattresses can have their lives prolonged a couple years by adding a mattress pad to them. However, caution is advised when using a mattress topper to replace the function of a mattress, as while it will eventually not be able to replace the main support of a mattress.

Affordable and Durable

A mattress topper is a great substitute for purchasing an entire memory foam mattress for your bed. Quality mattresses can be expensive, however a mattress topper can be used to achieve the same positive and healthy results for hundreds and even thousands of dollars less.

Although mattress overlays last three to four years, a small comparison to the ten to fifteen of mattresses, it is still a worthwhile investment as multiple overlays throughout the years is still cheaper and just as effective.