Simple Tips for Using Cool Colors in Your Home

The colors in your home are more than just the paint on the wall.  Home décor encompasses everything from the paint to the coffee tables to area rugs. Your personal style is reflected in your home décor. Let your impeccable taste shine with the use of beautiful cool toned colors in your home. Decorating with cool colors can benefit you and your home.

Green couch

What are Cool Colors

According to basic color theory, cool colors lie on the opposite side of the color wheel as warm-toned colors (reds, oranges, yellows.) See our guide on basic color coordination for more information on the color wheel. This means that the cool colors are the blues, purples, and greens. There are blues with warmth to them and reds with a cool blue undertone, but these are not the dominant tone of these shades. Looking at a color wheel will give you a good idea of colors and their direct opposites and whether they are cool or warm.

Using Cool Colors

Cool colors are often found in nature. Bringing these natural colors into our homes can bring the same feelings of calm and serenity into our homes that being out in nature does. Think of the beautiful San Diego beaches—blue sky, blue-green sea, green seaweed, all the colors of sunset. These beachy colors can evoke sense memories of times of relaxation.

Beautiful Blues

Certain shades of blue are often used to they evoke feelings of happiness and comfort. Cool colors can also have a physical effect! Using or seeing cool colors can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, relax muscles, and even lower body temperature. Cool colors in bedrooms are particularly beneficial. Your mind and body will begin to relax and prepare for sleep once you enter your room.

Transform any room in your home into an oasis by using cool colors. Any room where you would like to promote calm feelings is a great choice to use cool colors—bedroom, bathroom, living room, office.  A bathroom becomes spa-like with a cool toned makeover.

Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Small spaces can appear larger when you use cool colors, especially if there is a lot of natural light in the room. Use caution when using cool colors in a large, or dark room as the room may feel unwelcoming. Open floor plan contemporary homes suit bright whites and cool colors, but cool colors can easily be worked into traditional style décor as well. The tones in your hardwood floor and woodwork can be a source of inspiration.

Balance cool colors with warm toned colors. A light blue sofa looks charming and inviting when paired with a soft, warm brown throw. Purple looks stunning when paired with gold. When using cool colors as accents, use a neutral color—white, gray, or black—to help balance against warm décor or flooring.

Warm Accent Colors

Warm accents can brighten up a dark room—try painted picture frames in a cool-toned room. Live greenery adds color, life, and visual interest and can easily be incorporated into any style of décor.

Furnishing to Decorate Your Home

With your new knowledge on cool colors, create a serene space that you love. Shop for new pieces and get decorating ideas from  We offer amazing deals on beautiful home furnishing and accessories, to help you create the space you envision. See our full catalog for more inspiration!

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