Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

When you add throw pillows to your futon sofa, couch, or recliner, you're making a small change that has a big impact. The proper throw pillow can stabilize, complicate, but always complete your room's master plan.

Use them to accentuate your color palette. For the lovers of calm, transitional styles, beige and cream colored decorative pillows will comfort your guests without yelling at them with loud reds, yellows, or oranges. One person's hectic is another's eccentric, so those who favor eclectic flavors will love our throw pillows with patterns made from an impressive array of hues that highlight their characteristic flares.

Create a Hellenic paradise with our labyrinth inspired Greek pattern pillows. Nurture an indoor natural sanctuary by melding your couch into an outdoor scene, completed by a set of pillows with decorative birds and branches of leaves. The rugged ridges, complex shapes, and inspired colorings of Pueblo patterned pillows will add to the hot tones of a room that takes the American Southwest by the horns.

Dig into your Californian roots and unveil a coastal cosmos by adding throw pillows adorned with seashells and starfish atop comfy couches or recliners in sandy beiges and cool blues. Contemplate the possibilities of integrating some of your modern contemporary genius into a minimalist ensemble of nouveau class and futuristic edge, emanating culture through stark contrasts of dark and light. Break out your inner bohemian with boldly amorphous shapes that seem to shift as you shoot your gaze towards them from time to time.

Wherever you choose to put them, each time you place a throw pillow will feel like plotting a star in a personal universe that waits for you to walk through the front door each day.